Bath Clean Air Champions are implementing a vehicle anti idling programme in Bath to reduce exposure to emissions and air pollution by persuading drivers to turn off their engines when parked.

Air pollution is a major risk to health and has been proven to cause illnesses ranging from eczema and itchy eyes to cancer, lung disease and early death.

Air pollution is a particular concern for child health, as it can stunt lung growth and affect lung capacity.

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Act Now to Protect Your Health & Your Future - Join Bath Anti-Idling Action

What's wrong with idling?

Carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter are extremely damaging to health, and idling engines emit unnecessary pollutants, producing up to twice as much exhaust emissions as when they are moving. Combating this is particularly important in locations where there are high numbers of idling vehicle engines, such as outside schools and hospitals and by bus stops. 

Does idling really have an impact on air pollution?

Research by Kings College London in 2016 has shown that The City of London measured a 22% decrease in air pollution on action days compared to non-action days and in Wandsworth they experienced a 36% reduction. Pollution peaks on idling action event days were lower overall than on days where there were no events.

London Idling Action has also conducted air quality monitoring at some of their events. When stood next to an idling vehicle, pollution levels were about 10 times higher than the average air pollution levels during that event. 

Get involved in Bath

Idling action events in Bath started on 26th March 2018, with teams of volunteers working to educate both motorists and pedestrians. Following the idling action model pioneered by The City of London which has been rolled out across London. Initially events focused on areas known for idling in Abbey and Walcot wards and from there we hope to expand throughout Bath.  


How we encourage drivers to switch off.

We encourage drivers to switch their engines off by educating them about how air pollution affects health, so that they will give up their idling habit for good. When presented with facts about how idling and air pollution affect health, most drivers switch off their engines and many pledge never to idle again. 

It’s a simple way that everyone can help to instantly reduce vehicle emissions. Idling Action Leaflet

Getting involved through Bath BreATHes 2021


​​As part of the Clean Air Zone for Bath, B&NES will be undertaking anti idling enforcement in the near future, using the powers as available to a local authority under the Road Traffic (Vehicle Emissions)(Fixed Penalty) Regulations 2002.  This allows local authorities to issue fixed penalty notices to drivers who do not turn off their engines when asked. Please see the Bath BreATHes 2021 website for more information on Bath’s Clean Air Zone (CAZ) which is now operational.  Drivers may have to pay a daily charge to drive in the zone if their vehicle does not meet required emission standards.